• Potenetate’s Message

  • It is an honor and a privilege to serve Ali Ghan Shriners as their 93rd Potentate for 2018.  1st Lady Karen and I are proud to represent the Nobles and their Ladies, and we look forward to being a part of a great and successful Ali Ghan. 

    While I feel this is a great honor that the membership of Ali Ghan has bestowed up me, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that the Potentate is only a passing custodian, and that it is the Nobles and their Ladies that have full control over the success and failures of this organization.   It is only through them, that Ali Ghan will be successful.  It is the Noble and his Lady not the Divan who holds the future of this organization.  Therefore, it is imperative that all the Nobles and Ladies of Ali Ghan come back to us if you have slipped away, or if you are a regular attending member, take on a leadership role with any of the many projects or events that are scheduled.  Additionally, if there are projects, parties or events that you would like to see either adopted by Ali Ghan, or brought back to Ali Ghan, please communicate that to the Divan so we can discuss its potential and make your idea come to fruition.  Our job is to give the Nobility the tools to make their Shrine a place that they can be proud of. 

    This year I plan on focusing on communication and transparency with the Nobility.  This is your organization and we will do everything possible to have an open book policy to any questions that may arise.  The 2018 Divan will do our best to share every bit of information we have to the best of our ability.   Throughout the years that I have been associated with the Divan, I have noticed an upswing in the transparency of the leadership to the Nobility.  I wish to build upon that and continue to grow the trust between the Potentate, the Divan and the Nobility.   We will always remember that the Divan is here to serve the Noble.

    Thanks to hard work, belt tightening as well as the generosity of all the Ali Ghan Shrine Units, Divan Officers and Past Potentates, we are currently in a great financial situation.  My primary task is to maintain that financial stability while ensuring that we have fun and have an outlet to practice our philanthropy.  However, without the many fundraisers that Ali Ghan has, our financial situation would be dire.  Therefore, it is imperative that each member and each unit support all of the fundraisers with their money as well as their presence.  We should always remember that it is the Noble and his Lady that makes Ali Ghan a success or a failure.  Communication, transparency, fiscal responsibility, fun and fellowship, along with Noble Support and participation are the keys to Ali Ghan’s success in 2018.  I know the 2018 Divan are excited about beginning the year with these goals in mind.

    In my humble opinion, we have the best Nobles in all of Shrinedom.  We need to remember that we are all in this together and that we will succeed together, or we will fail together.  This is a volunteer fraternal organization that is connected to the greatest philanthropy on earth.  We must remember that we all have families, jobs and other events outside of the shrine, but we must also realize that without each of us pulling in the same direction, our demise is inevitable.  However, we can stop that inevitability by attending functions, helping with events, taking leadership roles in fundraisers and events, and by just enjoying each other’s company.

    This is your Temple, this is your year, lets make it a year to remember.

    Thank you very much, God Bless.

    Yours it the Faith,

    George Witherington

    Potentate 2018


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